Our team of experts

As accomplished independent IT advisors, we help organizations facilitate IT and digital strategies. Technology and organizational change play major roles in the work we do.

We are passionate about creating value together. Our relentless focus on execution is the key to transforming strategies into business value.


Kristian Sørensen

Partner & CEO

Kristian is an accomplished IT management consultant and IT strategy expert. His high personal drive and frank communication style induce energy and fellowship on all organizational levels. Kristian excels in the space between business and IT and has a relentless focus on value creation. Leaders consult Kristian for strategic sparring, strategy development, and scoping of strategic projects.

management consulting

it strategy & execution

strategic sourcing

Brian Karstensen

Ass. Partner

Brian is a senior project manager with 15+ years of experience in IT. Brian holds a master’s degree in IT, learning, and organizational adoption and is one of our team’s most versatile consultants. He is extremely likable and enters new organizations, projects, and cultures with ease. His expertise includes IT project management, communication, learning, and digitization combined with strong management skills.


project management



Torben Svensson

Ass. Partner

Torben is a procurement and contract management expert with 30+ years of experience, having delivered more than 30 IT tender projects – primarily for private companies. Torben is old-school, to the point, and on time – always. He is a tough negotiator and remembers every detail. We occasionally feel (slightly) sorry for the suppliers who show up less than well-prepared for meetings with us.

procurement strategy

contract management

procurement management

Steffen Ulsø Knudsen

Ass. Partner

Steffen is a versatile IT management consultant with 15+ years of experience, most of which has been within the financial sector. Steffen is an expert in IT Service Management and excels in creating an overview and aiding execution towards goals. Steffen is a no-bullshit kind of consultant, and for that, he is liked and respected both internally and with suppliers. He is excellent at driving through changes in operations and in projects that span the organization. His excellent management and communication skills ensure that projects are in control.

it service management

security and compliance

project management


Peter Lorentz Nielsen

Ass. Partner

Peter has 30+ years of experience and is an expert strategic advisor of public management and digital transformation. Peter is primarily involved with projects within public digital strategy. His experience in creating policy “that works” in a complicated political and administrative environment – combined with his facilitation skills – is outstanding. Furthermore, Peter has ultra-sharp analytical skills and is a fast thinker. In other words: You will be both challenged and inspired when working with him!

public/government policy and strategy

digital strategy


Martin Reuter

Ass. Consultant

Martin is a resourceful consultant and project manager with 15+ years of experience. Martin excels in transforming strategies into concrete projects and value and in creating transparent overview and prioritization of project portfolios. Furthermore, Martin is a swiss army knife to analyze and improve technology, process, and people across IT and business.
Martin is personable and easily enters new organizations by connecting with people and facilitating everyone to work towards a common goal.

strategy execution

technology & Processes

PMO & portfolio mgmt

Project management

Claus Paulsen

Ass. Partner

Claus is a senior IT executive with 20+ years of experience. He has vast experience developing and implementing IT strategies, including related governance and organizational changes. Furthermore, Claus has extensive experience in all IT aspects of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.
Claus is a visionary, inspiring, holistic thinking, and business-centric IT advisor. With his down-to-earth and positive outset, he will challenge and inspire your IT and business strategy perspectives.

Due diligence

Mergers & Acquisitions


It strategy

Peter Dalsgaard

Ass. Partner

Peter is a senior IT management consultant with 20+ years of experience. He has a deep and broad technological foundation and engages with high energy in business and technology discussions at all organizational levels – from engineers to executives. Peter has hands-on experience designing and leading agile transformation programs, global teams, software development, and IT operations. Peter thrives in high complexity projects; he is focused, executes, and gets the job done.

it strategy

agile Transformation


Development & Operations

Cecilie Mai Overgaard

Student Worker

Cecilie is studying International Business Communication at Syddansk University and is associated as a student worker. She helps manage this website, develop communication, performs data processing and helps me with ad-hoc administrative tasks.

If you are lucky to encounter Cecilie on a project, you will meet a smiling, independent and hard-working upcoming young professional.


data processing


proof reading

Charlotte Bæk Risbjerg

Ass. Consultant

Charlotte has 25+ years of experience and is an expert in conflict mediation, project management, and relational elements of strategy. We work together to incorporate mediation into strategy and project practices, and Charlotte assists in high-tension strategic projects.

Visit Charlotte at www.risbjergrelation.dk.

strategy facilitation

conflict mediation

culture and international collaborations

Sune Dybdal

Ext. Advisor

Sune is an inspiring combination of a business-oriented digital consultant and a strategic IT advisor – with 30+ years of experience. He is pragmatic and result-oriented, and his ability to maintain an overview and drive complex projects is first-class. Actualizing change is all about people, and Sune is an expert in engaging stakeholders at all organizational levels. Sune also possesses outstanding writing and communication skills and is an esteemed facilitator.

strategy and transformation

change and benefits

project management