IT ADVISORY is called upon when organizations are facing major changes or challenges. Our core expertise is the facilitation and development of IT strategy. We work in the sphere between business and IT creating alignment and fellowship. Our projects vary from technical to business digitization.


IT Strategy

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  • IT strategy facilitation and development
  • Highly-regarded facilitation skills
  • Thoroughly proven processes
  • Experienced consultants
  • Feel the energy and get inspired
  • Alignment of business, digitization and IT strategies
  • Inspiration and sparring with business and IT


Strategic Projects

  • Strategic direction and alignment
  • Scoping and organization
  • Hands-on sparring for management and employees
  • Project processes and governance
  • Inspiration and sparring with project management and senior management


Digital Strategy & Business

  • Digital business models
  • Digital strategy / digitization
  • Digital potential assessment
  • Board advisory
  • Senior management sparring
  • Supervision of strategic digital projects


Strategic Sourcing

  • Needs analysis
  • Vendor/technology selection
  • Sourcing strategy
  • Tender facilitation and execution
  • Contract negotiation
  • Contract optimization

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