As accomplished independent IT advisors, we help organizations facilitate IT and digital strategies. Technology and organizational change play major roles in the work we do.

Our areas of expertise include:



We advice leaders on technology and digital business

  • Advisory retainer
  • IT health check
  • Budget analysis and negotiations
  • Problemsolving – analysis, scoping and planning
  • Business memos and plans
  • Second opinion



We facilitate and develop strategies and long-term plans

  • Group-wide IT strategy
  • Digital strategy for telemedicine
  • Strategy for log management
  • Cloud strategy
  • Master data strategy
  • Office 365 strategy



We scope and execute strategic projects and programmes

  • Data warehouse and BI transformation programme
  • Service transition and transformation
  • Service improvement programme
  • Security assessment processes improvements
  • Interim IT management



We design and execute strategic sourcing and tender projects

  • End-to-end tender of IT operations and support
  • New data centre procurement
  • Global WAN tender
  • Framework agreements for IT consultants
  • Business software selection and contract negotiation

Across all client engagements, we have the following principles for collaboration:


Holistic and mutual understanding of the situation

  • We meet clients with curiosity and ask exploratory questions
  • We examine opportunities, risks and viewpoints
  • We check to ensure shared understanding and document the results
  • We ask detailed questions about incentives and business value


Clarification of goals and value creation before initiation

  • We identify the scope, objectives, value generation and level of ambition together with the client
  • We analyze what value is and how to realize it
  • We advise against projects that do not generate significant value or which are unrealistic
  • We document the scope, objectives, value generation and framework for the collaboration
  • We use behavioral design in goal setting and planning with the client


Anchoring and execution in client organization

  • We ensure that plans and timelines are realistic in relation to the client’s capacity and other plans
  • We are specific and action-oriented in our communication
  • We identify obstacles and prerequisites for the project
  • We take cultural and political considerations into account
  • We strive to leave behind results, not paperwork


Sustainable prioritization of client resources

  • We lighten the load for the leaders and employees we work with
  • We ensure cost effective allocation of tasks between the client and us
  • We avoid disturbing the client unnecessarily and hold meetings only when they provide value
  • We are accessible and adapt the collaboration model to the needs of the client


Close collaboration, trust and courage to challenge

  • We say it like we see it and invite our clients to do the same
  • We dare to raise questions and challenge positions
  • We are not afraid to ask for help or call on external experts when necessary
  • We decline projects that do not generate value, that are not sustainable, or if there is a lack of trust
  • We work as a team and ensure quality by working together on projects

We are passionate about creating value together. Our relentless focus on execution is the key to transforming strategies into business value.

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