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Danish SMB companies lack digital strategy

The lack of digitization in Danish SMB companies is a real threat – both to the companies and to Denmark as a nation. Technology and digital business must become a top priority for the boards of SMB companies. Now.

99% of the companies in Denmark are in the small-medium business (SMB) segment – which is up to 250 employees. Despite that it is the large companies that primarily get media attention, SMB companies employ 90% of the actual workforce, and thus have a huge impact on Denmark. 

The new media TECH MANAGEMENT (which launched yesterday), will, in the upcoming days, investigate the utilization of new digital technologies in the SMB market.

The problem is that SMB companies do not invest in new technology, while simultaneously, they are under external pressure from competitors, and one of the major drivers is technology.

I.e., there is a real risk of harm to the majority of the Danish workforce and Danish national gross product due to competition (and possible tech disruption) from the outside.

The basic research project ”Digital Katalysator” at Aarhus University is founded on this very problem. By law, in Denmark, the board of directors have the final strategic responsibility for a company. The average age of a board member in the SMB companies is 61 years old. 

Although I know many very sharp digital consultants in the 60+ segment, there is a good chance that not all board members in that age group are proficient at strategizing the possibilities (and threats) that new technology poses to the existing business model(s) – not to mention, new, unexplored business models.

I am proud to announce that I have joined the Digital Katalysator research project as a digital management consultant, and in the next 9 months will work with digital strategies at the board and senior management level at a number of SMB companies.

This is really exciting!

The evaluation and outcome from the research project will be published mid/late 2020. Join the project’s mailing list to receive the latest updates.

I believe there is a lot of digital potential to be harvested in the Danish SMB companies. All fundamental change starts with senior management – and I am really looking forward to helping these companies explore their digital potential.

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