Achieve win-win decisions in your projects

Achieve win-win decisions in your projects Project managers can use the natural decision-making process to disarm and deal with resistance and conflicting opinions in a constructive and proactive manner and establish a win-win perspective that promotes cohesion and ownership in the project A survey among Danish project managers (Projektlederundersøgelsen 2014) showed that motivating project participants…

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Procurement foundation – for IT projects

The procurement foundation contains essential elements that must be defined and accepted amongst key stakeholders of a procurement project prior to starting the procurement process. The more impact the IT system has in an organisation, the more important the foundation becomes.

This article provides a simple and powerful approach to establish a solid procurement foundation for IT procurement projects.

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Reverse engineering project initiation

One of the continuous major challenges for project managers is getting sufficient resources with needed competences. This is particular apparent in the project initiation or when taking over an existing project.

This article discusses a “reverse engineering”-approach to solving this challenge, which will make you gain momentum, deliver results fast and build a happy project team.

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