Flat-rate access to all brains in IT ADVISORY includes:

  • A dedicated wingman 
  • Access to all brains in our team
  • Free and unlimited advice and sparring
  • Scheduled 1:1 meetings and on an ad-hoc basis
  • High priority access (phone and mail response ASAP)
  • Sparring and second opinions on documents and problems

Advisory retainer
The Advisory Retainer is personal. All feedback and sparring are done through phone or online meetings – or email if convenient. The retainer does not include hands-on assistance such as writing memos, facilitation, performing analysis etc.

Our retainer agreements are typical with CIOs, VPs within IT or key IT employees, such as architects.


The fee for an Advisory Retainer depends on the value we create and the number of people who have access. The average price per person is 25.000 DKK (approx. 4.000 USD) per month, billed quarterly.

We offer a courtesy discount of 5% when a full year is prepaid.